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Status of lawyer disciplinary matters - Notice of hearings on petition for reinstatement

Pursuant to SCR 22.29 and State Bar By-Laws, Article I, Section 3 (c), an attorney whose license is revoked or suspended for six months or more for misconduct or medical incapacity and an attorney whose membership dues in the State Bar of Wisconsin have been in arrears for a period of three or more consecutive years shall not be reinstated unless by order of the Supreme Ccourt. The Director of the Office of Lawyer Regulation is charged with investigating the eligibility of the petitioner for reinstatement.  Pursuant to SCR 22.30, the Clerk of Supreme Court selects a referee to conduct a hearing on the petition for reinstatement.  The referee is required to file in the Supreme Court a report setting forth findings and a recommendation on the petition.

Name Date of hearing Location File PDF
James M. Schoenecker June 18, 2019 Milwaukee Notice
Elvis Banks June 24, 2019 Milwaukee Notice
Michael Bauer November 12, 2019 Madison Notice

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