Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) Steering Committee

file folder connected by virtual webCCAP is responsible for supporting the IT needs of the entire Wisconsin Court System. CCAP's mission is to: maintain reliable necessary and useful data with appropriate uniformity; provide the Wisconsin Court System with ready access to data; maintain, support, and explore hardware and software necessary to store, secure, and manage data; provide the public access to the Wisconsin Court System; and promote a high level of confidence and satisfaction in the Wisconsin Court System. Appointed by the director of state courts, the CCAP Steering Committee sets policy and priorities for CCAP.

Committee membership

Name Affiliation/Location
Hon. Randy R. Koschnick (Chair), Director of State Courts Wisconsin Court System
Ms. Jean Bousquet, Chief Information Officer Consolidated Court Automation Programs
Atty. Jennifer Andrews, Staff Attorney Court of Appeals
Hon. James Babler Barron County Circuit Court
Mr. John Barrett, Clerk Milwaukee County Circuit Court
Comm. Barry Boline Ozaukee County Circuit Court
Mr. Patrick Brummond, District Court Administrator Seventh Judicial District
Ms. Penny Carter, Clerk Forest County Circuit Court
Ms. Diane Fremgen, Deputy Director of State Courts Office of Court Operations
Ms. Karen Hepfler, Clerk Chippewa County Circuit Court
Ms. Julie Kayartz, Register in Probate Columbia County Circuit Court
Ms. Pam Radtke, Clerk La Crosse County Circuit Court
Hon. Ralph Ramirez Waukesha County Circuit Court
Ms. Sheila Reiff, Clerk of Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Wisconsin Court System
Hon. Lynn Rider Crawford County Circuit Court
Ms. Theresa Russell, Clerk Washington County Circuit Court
Mr. Dean Stensberg, Deputy Director Office of Management Services
Hon. David Swanson Milwaukee County Circuit Court

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