Supreme Court rules

Notice of hearings

The court notices and holds a public hearing on a petition for the creation or amendment of rules governing pleading, practice and procedure in judicial proceedings in all courts, provided that the court deems the petition to have arguable merit. The court also holds a public hearing on a petition for amendment of the Supreme Court Rules except, in the court's discretion, when the petition concerns ministerial or otherwise nonsubstantive matters or when exigent circumstances exist.

Date of issue Rule petition number Description View notice
December 4, 2018 18-04 In the matter of the petition to amend Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 10.03(4), regarding pro hac vice admission for nonresident counsel appearing in matters involving the Indian Child Welfare Act (Thursday, January 17, 2019, at 9:30 a.m., Supreme Court Room, State Capitol, Madison). PDF Adobe PDF