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Continuing education

On October 15, 1998 the Wisconsin Supreme Court adopted Supreme Court Rule (SCR) Chapter 75 Adobe PDF, effective January 1, 1999. In part, SCR Chapter 75 establishes a compulsory education requirement for circuit court commissioners.

SCR 75.05 Adobe PDF Continuing Education mandates that circuit court commissioners earn minimum education credits within specified time frames. It establishes specific credit requirements for full-time and non full-time circuit court commissioners and grants authority to the Judicial Education Committee to approve continuing education programs.

Since its promulgation, SCR 75.05 Adobe PDF has been the subject of numerous questions directed to the Office of Judicial Education. Circuit court commissioners have repeatedly expressed their concerns regarding compliance with this rule. The rule has also been the subject of considerable discussion among the members of the Judicial Education Committee.

On January 22, 1999 the Judicial Education Committee met and adopted the following actions, procedures, and policies:

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