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Continuing legal education (CLE) courses are available for the current year plus the two previous years. Enter your search criteria below.  Search help.

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New this reporting cycle (2017-2018)

All attorneys will be required to electronically file their CLE report using the CLE reporting website. Go to the CLE reporting website to electronically file your CLE.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Board of Bar Examiners during regular business hours (7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, except holidays) at (608) 266-9760 or

Continuing legal education reporting information

2017-2018 CLE Memorandum Adobe PDF
2017-2018 CLE Electronic Filing Instructions Adobe PDF
2017-2018 CLE Reporting Information Adobe PDF
2017-2018 General Program Approval (GPA) Sponsors Adobe PDF
Pay CLE late fee electronically

CLE Form 2
CLE Form 2 (Request for Approval of Continuing Legal Education Activity Form) (fillable electronic version) Adobe PDF
(Note: Because this is an interactive form, your browser may require that you download it to your computer/device and then open it in your PDF reader in order to leverage form features.)

A CLE Form 2 should be completed for each activity to be considered by the Board for approval for use toward the CLE requirement.  An approval decision is usually made within a week; it will take longer if the request is not complete, or if the CLE Form 2 is submitted during the CLE seasonal peak (November-January). The Board no longer sends written notification of course approvals via letter. Approvals are instead added to this site. To determine course approval status, enter the course date in the "Search for courses" section above.

To submit a course for approval:

CLE Form 4
CLE Form 4 (Request for Approval of Continuing Legal Education Credit for Published Legal Writing) Adobe PDF

Lawyers may request CLE credit for approved published legal writings using the CLE Form 4. A copy of the publication must accompany the completed form.  Publications must meet all of the criteria pursuant to SCR 31.07(3) and the rules adopted by the Board of Bar Examiners.

The maximum number of credits that a published legal writing may receive is 15. A lawyer may not claim in excess of 15 hours for all approved legal writings in any one reporting period. 

To submit legal writing for approval: