Supreme Court rules

Pending petitions

Pending petitions are organized into the following four categories. Scroll down or use the links below to jump to each category.

Click on a rule petition number below to view the petition and listen to hearing testimony, if available. The audio for public hearings scheduled for a future date will be available shortly after the hearing concludes. To hear a public hearing as it is happening, use the live audio link below. (Note: Audio for open administrative conferences and hearings may be available on Wisconsin Eye.)

Listen to live audio of Supreme Court Rules petition hearing

Petitions awaiting court action


Petitions scheduled for public hearing/open administrative conference

16-02A Rules of Evidence
16-09 Petition to Amend SCR 40.05
17-03 Class Actions
17-04 Mandatory State Bar Dues

Petitions filed - tentatively scheduled for public hearing


Petitions filed - Not yet scheduled for public hearing

13-15 Petition to Establish Pilot Project and Create Rule Governing Appointment of Counsel in Civil Cases
17-05 Multi-Party Briefing in Appellate Matters
17-06 Compensation for Court Appointed Attorneys
17-07 Record on appeal

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