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Newspaper highlights judge's successful plea to find boy a home

Madison, Wisconsin - November 23, 2015

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Christopher R. Foley has made headlines in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the second time this year—all for good cause.

In a Nov. 22 column entitled “Judge’s rare public plea finds adoptive family for teen,” columnist Jim Stingl declared: “It worked!” regarding Foley’s effort to find a home for 14-year-old Napoleon “Polo” Scott. Read more and see photos here. (external link)

Foley, who has presided over more than 400 adoptions during his judicial career, was also featured on the front page of the Journal Sentinel on May 29. In that article, Foley was recognized as the source of inspiration for a girl adopted in 2003 to become a lawyer, with the ultimate goal of becoming a judge. Read more here. (external link)

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