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Court of Appeals to hear oral argument at Portage County Courthouse

Madison, Wisconsin - November 13, 2015

A three-judge panel of the District IV Court of Appeals will travel to Stevens Point on Nov. 23 to hear oral argument in an appeal of issues relating to a real estate case that originated in the Wood County Circuit Court.

The case is being taken “on the road” as part of an outreach initiative that gives people outside the Madison area a chance to observe oral argument in person. The appellate court judges normally sit in Madison, where the District IV Court of Appeals is headquartered. District IV hears appeals from circuit courts in 24 counties, in an area roughly encompassing the southwest third of the state.

The argument involves case number 2014AP2989, Bushman Farms, Inc. v. Dairyland Real Estate, LLC. The parties disagree about the interpretation of contract language pertaining to the disbursement of a real estate commission and whether the parties complied with the covenant of good faith and fair dealing implicit in every contract.

The argument will be held in the Branch 2 Courtroom at the Portage County Courthouse, 1516 Church Street, Stevens Point at 10:30 a.m. The District IV panel is comprised of Judges JoAnne F. Kloppenburg, Paul B. Higginbotham, and Brian W. Blanchard.

The oral argument is open to the public and the media. Media wishing to bring any type of camera or recording device to the oral argument are asked to contact Media Coordinator Rick Blum (608) 271-4321 or rblum@wisctv.com) to make a request.

Tom Sheehan
Court Information Officer
(608) 261-6640

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