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Court with Class

Court with Class is an award-winning program designed to make Supreme Court proceedings understandable and accessible to all high school students in Wisconsin.

While visiting the Wisconsin Supreme Court students are able to:

Prior to the visit, we send you information about the court system, including biographies of the justices, a synopsis of the case to be heard and other law-related materials to help students prepare for their day in court. We also encourage schools to invite an attorney from the community to discuss the case and court procedure in advance.

Court with Class is a joint venture between the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the State Bar of Wisconsin.

For more information contact:
Carol Chapa, Program Assistant State Bar of Wisconsin, (800) 444-9404, ext. 6104
Sara Foster, Director of State Courts Office

This trip to court was supreme...

Quotes taken from program evaluations and newspaper clippings:

"It is quite unusual to ask students to evaluate a field trip and have every student say it was 'awesome.' That is exactly what happened after our field trip to the Supreme Court last week." Roncalli High School teacher

"I was gratified that our students were not intimidated. For some people, just coming to this [court] room has a chilling effect. " Oregon High School teacher

"The justices explained the details of court many of us were dying to know." Eisenhower High School student

"This was one of the best field trips I ever got involved in. Would I participate again? Definitely yes!" Iowa-Grant High School teacher

"Our class took a straw vote on how they thought the case should go and we will be awaiting the Supreme Court's decision with great anticipation. We hope this fine experience will continue to be available in the years to come." Wisconsin Heights High School teacher

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