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One-hour video CLE available – May 16, 2016
Want to learn more about protecting information in court records and how to implement the new rules in your practice? Attorneys may join Hon. Gerald P. Ptacek and Attorney Peter J. Ludwig for a State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® webcast, "New Rules for Protecting Information in Court Records." The program airs May 11, 17, and 26; and June 2, 13, and 28. Register for the webcast

Redaction article featured in May issue of Wisconsin Lawyer magazine – May 16, 2016
"Court filings: New rules to protect confidential information in Wisconsin court records," written by Judge Gerald Ptacek and Attorney Marcia Vandercook provides an in depth explanation of Wisconsin Statutes § 801.19, § 801.20, and § 801.21, designed to protect sensitive information in court records. Read the article

Rule for protection of information in court records proposed – October 3, 2014
The CCAP Steering Committee has proposed an amendment to court rules to protect certain personal identifiers and financial account numbers, in order to preserve personal privacy and lessen exposure to identity theft. Lawyers and self-represented litigants would be required to redact social security numbers, bank account numbers, and similar information from documents filed with the court or submit it on a confidential form. View the committee's report and proposed rule Adobe PDF

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