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The following archive provides access to rule petitions, court orders and audio of public hearings starting in the fall of 2004. Responses filed after March 1, 2011 will be available electronically unless otherwise indicated.

Select a rule petition below to view the petition and additional information related to the rule petition, as well as hear audio of public hearing testimony. (Note: Audio for open administrative conferences and hearings may be available on Wisconsin Eye.)

19-15 Judicial College
19-14 Voluntary State Bar
19-04 Referee Appointment and Training
19-03 Electronic Voting in State Bar Elections and Referenda
19-02 Pilot Project and Interim Rule - Electronic Filing in SC and CA
19-01 Records - Court Reporting

18-07 Amend SCR Chapter 40, Admission to the Bar
18-06 Statement of Economic Interests
18-05 Access to Justice
18-04 Tribal Pro Hac Vice Admission
18-03 Default Judgments
18-02 Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee
18-01 Judicial Administrative Districts

17-10 Character and Fitness (BBE)
17-09 Pro Hac Vice Applications
17-07 Record on appeal
17-06 Compensation for Court Appointed Attorneys
17-05 Multi-Party Briefing in Appellate Matters
17-04 Mandatory State Bar Dues
17-03 Class Actions
17-02 Amend SCR 33.04 Mandatory Education for Municipal Judges
17-01 In re Rule for Recusal

16-09 Petition to Amend SCR 40.05
16-08 Correction to 75.01(3)
16-07 Correction to 70.21
16-06 Expanded CLE options
16-05 In re Business Court Pilot Project
16-04 Lawyer-Mediators to Draft Settlement Documents in Family Cases
16-03 Amendments to Conditional Bar Admission Procedures
16-02A Rules of Evidence
16-02 Rules of Evidence (Returned to Judicial Council for further action)
16-01 Witness Competency

15-06 WATJ Usage of Residual Funds
15-05 Pro Bono CLE and In-house Counsel
15-03 Attorney Professional Conduct
15-04 Modification of SCR 20:1.9(c)
15-02 Electronic Appellate Records
15-01 Review of the Office of Lawyer Regulation

14-07 Electronic Banking Procedures for Lawyer Trust Accounts
14-06 OLR Discretion
14-05 Amendment of Wis SCR 20:3.4(a)
14-04 Protection of Information in Circuit Court Records
14-03 Electronic circuit court filings
14-02 Civil Cases Transferred to Tribal Courts
14-01 Creation of 809.86 (Crime Victim Privacy)

13-17 Creation of Rules Relating to Judicial Code Review Committee
13-16 Amendment to Wisconsin Statute § 887.24 (depositions for use in other states)
13-15 Petition to Establish Pilot Project and Create Rule Governing Appointment of Counsel in Civil Cases
13-14 Petition to Amend SCR 60.04
13-13 State Bar Bylaw Amendment - Removal by Board of Governors
13-12 Public Notice of Formal Investigations
13-11 Pro Hac Vice Applications
13-10 Limited Scope Representation
13-09 State Bar Board Membership Dues
13-08 State Bar Board of Governors; Function, Executive Committee; Powers
13-07 State Bar Officers and Board of Governors
13-06 Lawyer Disciplinary Proceedings - Stipulations
13-05 Enforcement of Supreme Court Disciplinary Orders
13-04 Referees in the Lawyer Regulation System
13-03 State Bar Membership Status-Inactive to Active/Readmission after Resignation
13-02 BBE Waiver of Fees for Qualified Veterans
13-01 CLE Approved Hours

12-11 Creation of a Judicial Code Review Committee
12-10 OLR Filing Deadline for Supplemental Statement of Costs
12-09 Publication of Supreme Court Orders and Rules
12-08 Judicial Commission Appointments
12-07 Supreme Court Finance Committee
12-06 Computation of Time in Supreme Court Rules
12-05 Record Retention and Stored Records
12-03 Disclosure of Protected/Privileged Information
12-02 Petition Requesting Information Pursuant to SCR 40.12 and Other Amendments
12-01 Report on Court's Rule Making Function

11-09 Ex parte communications in treatment courts
11-08 Foreign Degree
11-07 Legal Services Following Major Disasters
11-06 Teaching to Satisfy Requirements of SCR 31.05
11-05 State Bar Bylaw Amendment - Arbitration
11-04 Voluntary State Bar
11-03 Court Securities and Facilities
11-02 Electronic Filing of Bar Applications
11-01 Petition for a Voluntary Bar

10-11 Municipal courts
10-10 Attorney Assessment for Wisconsin Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
10-09 Professional Conduct for Attorneys
10-08 Civil Gideon
10-07 Lawyer Assistance Corporation
10-06 Court Reporting and Videotape Procedure
10-05 Trust Account – Credit Unions
10-04 Permanent revocation
10-03 Compensation and court appointed counsel
10-02 Petition for Review Appendices – Unpublished Opinions
10-01 Appellate Brief Appendices – Unpublished Opinions

09-12 Communications in Mediation
09-11 Judicial Recusal
09-10 Judicial Recusal
09-09 Diploma Privilege
09-08 Bar dues
09-07 Expunction
09-06 Non-Resident State Bar Officers
09-05 Court Reporting and Videotaping Procedures
09-03 Evidence Originating in a Language Other than English
09-02 Record Retention
09-01 Discovery of Electronically Stored Information

08-28 Procedures for Lawyer Support and Monitoring
08-27 State Bar Membership Classes
08-25 Judicial Recusal
08-24 Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys - Prosecutors
08-23 Electronic Filing of CLE Reports
08-22 Electronic Filing of Bar Applications
08-18 Electronic Filing of Petitions for Review
08-17 Access to Justice Commission
08-16 Judicial Recusal
08-15 Electronic Filing of Appellate Briefs and No Merit reports
08-14 Fee for Late Bar Application
08-13 Conditional admission
08-11 Adverse determinations
08-10 Immunity – Character and Fitness
08-09 Admission of Graduates of Law Schools in Other Nations
08-08 Legal Consultants
08-07 Proof of Practice
08-06 Filing of CLE Reports
08-05 Notice of Non-Compliance with CLE Requirements and Reinstatements
08-04 CLE Reporting Requirements
08-03 Trust Account – Comparable Interest Rule
08-02 Citation to Unpublished Opinions
08-01 Jury Management

07-15 Voluntary Dismissals
07-14 PPAC Membership
07-13 State Bar Bylaw Amendment - Officers
07-12 Videoconferencing
07-11 Tribal (review of prior court order)
07-10 State Bar Officers - Terms
07-09 Unauthorized Practice of Law
07-08 Comity Rule for CLE Requirements
07-07 Judicial Education Committee Members
07-06 WisTAF Assessments
07-05 Continuing Education for Wisconsin Judiciary
07-04 Bar Examination – Taking of Bar Examination
07-03 Appellate Brief Appendices – Circuit Court Order or Judgments
07-02 Non-Resident Representation in State Bar
07-01 Group and Prepaid Legal Services Plans

06-09 State Bar Membership Classes
06-08 Electronic Filing in the Circuit Courts
06-07 Electronic Signatures by Court Officials
06-06 Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys – Pro Hac Vice
06-05 Attorney License Suspension for State Tax Delinquency
06-03 Client Protection
06-02 Appellate Brief – Interested Parties
06-01 Record Retention

05-09 Expansion of CLE
05-08 Board of Bar Examiner Fees
05-07 Rules of Appellate Procedure – Termination of Parental Rights
05-06 Depositions Outside State
05-05 Stipulations and Settlements
05-04 Translation of Court Forms
05-03 Record Retention
05-02 Court Forms for Self-Represented Litigants
05-01 OLR costs (review of prior court order)

04-11 Appellate Briefs and Appendices - Certifications
04-10 Lawyer Regulation System – District Committees
04-09 Rules of Evidence – Records of Regularly Conducted Activity
04-08 Rules of Appellate Procedures – Petition for Review
04-07 Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys – Ethics 2000 Committee
04-06 Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys – Summary and Temporary License Suspensions
04-05 WisTAF Assessments
04-04 PPAC Membership
04-03 Licensure and Regulation of Paralegals

02-03 State Legislative Redistricting

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