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10-04 Permanent revocation

In the Matter of the Petition for Establishment of Standards and Procedures for Permanent Revocation filed 03/16/10 by Steven J. Koszarek and Edward A. Hannan.

Rule petition 10-04 Adobe PDF
Supporting memo Adobe PDF

Court orders and communications
February 22, 2011 In the matter of the petition to amend Supreme Court Rules 21.16, 22.19, and 22.29, establishing standards and procedures for permanent revocation. Adobe PDF

Past hearings
November 9, 2010 Public hearing Notice of rescheduled hearing Adobe PDF
Notice Adobe PDF

Responses to petitions
September 30, 2010 Comment from Donald J. Christl Adobe PDF
September 29, 2010 Lawyer Regulation System Preliminary Review Committee statement filed by Edward A. Hannan Adobe PDF
September 27, 2010 Lawyer Regulation System Board of Administrative Oversight statement filed by Steven J. Koszarek Adobe PDF

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