2008 WI 18


Supreme Court of Wisconsin









This order is subject to further editing and modification.  The final version will appear in the bound volume of the official reports.




No.  07-06



In the matter of the Amendment of SCR 13.015 and SCR 13.045 Governing the Assessment on Attorneys for WisTAF




MAR 25, 2008


David R. Schanker

Clerk of Supreme Court

Madison, WI






On May 8, 2007, the State Bar of Wisconsin filed an administrative rule petition asking this court to revise Supreme Court Rules 13.015 and 13.045 governing the assessment on attorneys for Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation (WisTAF).  A public hearing was held on Wednesday, November 7, 2007.  The court discussed this matter at its open administrative conferences on November 7, 2007, and on February 22, 2008, and resolved as follows:

IT IS ORDERED that, effective the date of this order, the first two sentences of Supreme Court Rule 13.045 (1) are amended to read as follows:

13.045 (1)  Annual assessments.  Commencing with the State Bar's July 1, 2005 2008 fiscal year, every attorney who is an active member or judicial member of the state bar, and all Supreme Court Justices, shall pay to the fund an annual assessment, to be determined by the supreme court.  The assessment shall be $50.00.  Emeritus members, judicial members, and inactive members of the state bar are excused from the annual assessment.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the proposed amendment to SCR 13.015 as set forth in the petition is denied.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that notice of this amendment of SCR 13.045 (1) be given by a single publication of a copy of this order in the official state newspaper and in an official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, this 25th day of March, 2008.






David R. Schanker

Clerk of Supreme Court