2007 WI 132


Supreme Court of Wisconsin









This order is subject to further editing and modification.  The final version will appear in the bound volume of the official reports.




No.  07-01



In the matter of the Revision of SCR 11.06 Concerning Group and Prepaid Legal Services Plans 




NOV 14, 2007


David R. Schanker

Clerk of Supreme Court

Madison, WI






On February 2, 2007, the State Bar of Wisconsin petitioned this court for a revision to SCR 11.06 governing the participation of state bar members in group or prepaid legal services plans.  A public hearing was held on Monday, October 29, 2007.  Thomas J. Basting, Sr., President of the State Bar of Wisconsin, presented the petition.  Attorney Cheryl Furstace Daniels and Attorney Nelson Martell also appeared in support of the petition.  The court received no comments opposing the petition.

At the ensuing open administrative conference, the court voted unanimously to adopt the petition, with modification to the proposed comment to SCR 11.06.  Accordingly, effective the date of this order, SCR 11.06 of the Supreme Court Rules is amended to read:

Section 1.  SCR 11.06(2)(a)2. and 4. are amended to read:

SCR 11.06(2)(a)2.  Procedures for the review and resolution of disputes arising under the plan, but the plan may not require a client to submit to binding arbitration of any grievance or dispute related to an attorney’s professional services;

4.   That an attorney furnishing legal services under the plan is free to exercise independent professional judgment; and.

Section 2.  SCR 11.06(2)(a)5., (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), and (9) are repealed.



Lawyers participating in prepaid legal service plans are reminded of their responsibility to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, SCR Chapter 20.

IT IS ORDERED that notice of this amendment of SCR 11.06 be given by a single publication of a copy of this order in the official state newspaper and in an official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, this 14th day of November, 2007.






David R. Schanker

Clerk of Supreme Court