SEP 22, 1997


Marilyn L. Graves

Clerk of Supreme Court

Madison, WI


In the Matter of Amendment of Supreme Court Rules: (Proposed) SCR Chapter 75 -– Electronic Data Dissemination




No. 96-16


     At the public hearing May 6, 1997 on the petition of the Director of State Courts requesting the adoption of rules governing access to and release of electronic database information in the courts, the Hon. Gary L. Carlson, on behalf of the petitioner, submitted a revised petition. Following the public hearing, the court held the matter in abeyance for further consideration, inviting interested persons to comment on the matter. The court has reviewed the comments filed and has determined that a public hearing on the revised petition is advisable.

     IT IS ORDERED that a public hearing on the revised petition submitted May 6, 1997 by the Director of State Courts shall be held in the Supreme Court Room in the State Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin, on January 13, 1998, at 1:30 p.m.

     IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the court’s conference in the matter shall be held promptly following the public hearing.

     IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that notice of the hearing be given by a single publication of a copy of this order and of the revised petition in the official state newspaper and in an official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin not more than 60 days nor less than 30 days before the date of the hearing.

     Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, this 22nd day of September, 1997.







Marilyn L. Graves,

Clerk of Court