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Chief Judge delivers 'State of the Courts' presentation in Milwaukee

District One Chief Judge Jeffrey A. Kremers, Milwaukee County Circuit Court, delivered the annual “State of the Courts" presentation at a Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) luncheon in Milwaukee on Oct. 24. Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson and Justices Patience Drake Roggensack and Annette Kinglsand Ziegler attended the event.

“The MBA has been a terrific partner with the courts," said Kremers. “While officers change every year, the support for the courts and specifically any number of court-related programs that seek to help the disadvantaged in our community and access to justice is unwavering."

More than 250 judges, commissioners and attorneys heard Kremers discuss issues, including: major projects in the courts; judicial independence and his concerns about the public display of disrespect for judges; and the judicial process. He also thanked the county executive and county board for not proposing budget cuts to the court.

Major projects mentioned by Kremers include:

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