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Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice has a message for Wisconsin jurors: Thank you!

Madison, Wisconsin - September 3, 2013

Watch the Chief's message now.

Each year since 2008, Wisconsin has celebrated statewide juror appreciation month.

"Jurors help ensure that all of our rights are protected, and that we are all held accountable under the law," said Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson. “Without jurors, our justice system would not function properly, and the rule of law could not be upheld."

This year, Abrahamson is joined by Gov. Scott Walker, who issued a proclamation and Senate President Michael G. Ellis and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who issued a joint citation on behalf of the Legislature, formally recognizing September as Juror Appreciation month in Wisconsin. The theme of statewide juror appreciation month is Jurors Serve Justice; Justice Serves Us All.

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