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Court of Appeals to hear oral argument at Portage County Courthouse

Madison, Wisconsin - March 15, 2013

Portage County CourthouseA three-judge panel of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals will hear oral argument in an appeal in the Portage County Courthouse, Branch III courtroom, 1516 Church St., Stevens Point, on Wednesday, March 20 at 10:15 a.m. 

The panel is comprised of Judges Paul B. Higginbotham, Gary E. Sherman and Brian W. Blanchard.  The appellate court judges normally sit in Madison, where the District IV Court of Appeals is headquartered. District IV hears appeals from a group of 24 counties including Portage County, and travels occasionally as part of a public outreach initiative.  

The court will hear oral arguments from the attorneys in a civil case that was originally heard in the Portage County Circuit Court.  The case, 2012AP2131- Mary L. Marchel v. Estate of Robert A. Marchel, involves property law issues. The parties disagree about the validity under the law of a quit claim deed to real estatethat purported to create joint ownership of the real estate bya husband and wife.

The oral argument is open to the public and the media. Media wishing to bring a camera or recording device to the oral argument are asked to contact Media Coordinator Rick Blum (608-271-4321 or rblum@wisctv.com) to make a request.

Amanda Todd
Court Information Officer
(608) 264-6256

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