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Court of Appeals Judges selected for committee

Madison, Wisconsin - March 1, 2007

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson kicked off the process of creating the state’s new Government Accountability Board (GAB) Thursday in the Supreme Court hearing room at the State Capitol.

With all other members of the Supreme Court looking on, Chief Justice Abrahamson drew from a hat the names of four Court of Appeals judges who will be asked to serve on the GAB Candidate Committee. The committee’s first task will be to submit to the governor the names of at least eight qualified individuals to serve on the Board. From the list submitted by the committee, the governor is required to submit three nominees to the Assembly and the three other nominees to the Senate for confirmation.

The Board replaces the current State Elections Board and State Ethics Board and will be responsible for administering the state’s election, campaign-finance, ethics and lobbying laws.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson draws names for the Government Accountability Board Candidate Committee.
Credit: Brent Nicastro

Chief Justice Abrahamson drew the names of the following judges -- one each from the state’s four Court of Appeals’ districts:

  • District I (headquartered in Milwaukee): Judge Patricia S. Curley
  • District II (headquartered in Waukesha: Judge Neal P. Nettesheim
  • District III (headquartered in Wausau): Chief Judge Thomas Cane
  • District IV (headquartered in Madison): Judge Margaret J. Vergeront

A brief biography of each judge can be found on the Wisconsin Court System Web site.

More information on GAB can be found on Wisconsin Legislative Council’s Web site.

Please contact Tom Sheehan at (608) 261-6640, or tom.sheehan@wicourts.gov if you would like a higher resolution photo of one or all of the selected Court of Appeals’ Judges.

For more information contact:
Tom Sheehan
Court Information Officer
(608) 261-6640

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