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The Wisconsin Court System's Effective Justice Strategies Subcommittee (EJSS) has been working to explore and assess the effectiveness of policies and programs designed to improve public safety and reduce incarceration. With the leadership of subcommittee Chair Judge Carl Ashley, the EJSS has dedicated a significant amount of time studying the key factors in determining when or if an individual is appropriate to be safely diverted from a jail or prison sentence. Critical to this determination is the nature and value of the information provided to the court in advance of a sentencing decision.

The EJSS developed a process model titled AIM (Assess, Inform, and Measure) which is intended to provide the court with valid and reliable information that will have value in the case disposition process. This information would include a summary of the following:

In addition to providing information to the court in advance of sentencing, the other key component of the AIM model includes the development of a "feedback loop." The first component, the process feedback loop, provides information on the value of the information being provided to the court.  The next component, the outcome feedback loop, provides aggregate data back to the court and local criminal justice system about case outcomes, such as success/failure rates (recidivism) of offenders targeted for this project and validation of the screening/assessment process.

Goals of AIM

AIM pilot counties: Eau Claire, Iowa, La Crosse, Marathon, Milwaukee and Portage

Pilot project handout Adobe PDF
Pilot project update - January 2009 Adobe PDF
Pilot project update - September 2008 Adobe PDF
County information

For further information about the AIM Project, contact Tommy Gubbin, special projects coordinator at (608) 261-0684.

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