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2010AP002479 Bruce G. Winters v. Valerie L. Winters

2010AP003105 CR State v. Brendan R. Dassey

2010AP003147 State v. Cornell D. Reynolds

2011AP000918 State v. Thomas L. Anderson

2011AP001019 CR State v. Adam W. Yeoman

2011AP001061 State v. Robert L. Patterson

2011AP001234 American Trust & Savings Bank v. Communications Products Corporation

2011AP001627 Community Bank & Trust v. Koenig & Vits, Inc.

2011AP001653 CR State v. Carlos A. Cummings

2011AP002051 State v. Douglas H. Stream

2011AP002101 CR State v. Bart M. Klein

2011AP002195 State v. Elliott V. Landrum

2011AP002271 Timothy Dohm v. Patrina Dohm

2011AP002278 Park Bank v. Edward R. Pope

2011AP002431 CR State v. Antuan V. Little

2011AP002439 CR State v. Robert L. Tatum

2011AP002457 Charles C. Downing v. Richard Raemisch

2011AP002466 GE Healthcare v. LMJ Imaging Services Open MRI, Inc.

2011AP002574 CR State v. Frederick S. Brown

2011AP002635 CR State v. Socorro Kerner

2011AP002638 CR State v. David F. Salsbury

2011AP002699 State v. Eric A. Kerscher

2011AP002789 Winfield Avenue, LLC v. City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services

2011AP002902 Board of Regents - UW System v. Jeffrey S. Decker

2011AP002917 James R. Schoolcraft v. DPI

2011AP002918 Daniel Rittenhouse v. David Hulce

2011AP002935 CR State v. David M. Kammeyer

2011AP002942 State v. Sheldon R. Scheel

2011AP003013 Branko Prpa, M.D. v. Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group, Inc.

2012AP000046 CR State v. Jimothy A. Jenkins

2012AP000081 Associated Bank, N.A. v. Gary T. Bradley

2012AP000157 State v. Joseph M. Fields

2012AP000170 Gordon Michaels v. Town of Farmington

2012AP000220 CR State v. David D. Dyer

2012AP000240 Angel Rodriguez v. Michael Dittman

2012AP000258 CR State v. Maurice D. Jones

2012AP000263 CR State v. Richard Wade Shirley

2012AP000326 CR State v. Christopher J. White

2012AP000357 CR State v. Manuel R. Williams

2012AP000373 State v. Quincy Lee Grant


2012AP000414 CR State v. John Doe

2012AP000461 State v. Lawrence Williams

2012AP000520 CR State v. Adrean L. Smith

2012AP000525 CR State v. Allen E. Bland

2012AP000527 CR State v. Rocky Lane Griggs

2012AP000536 Harlan Richards v. Mark Heise

2012AP000569 CR State v. Carlene M. Landa

2012AP000725 CR State v. Michael R. Luedtke

2012AP000778 CR State v. Stephen R. Tollaksen, Jr.

2012AP000881 CR State v. Caleb Devall Broomfield

2012AP000951 Tyler Wyand-Williams v. St. Norbert College, Inc.

2012AP000971 CR State v. Richard A. Dix

2012AP001002 Peller Investments, LLC v. City of Lake Geneva

2012AP001105 Stephanie Miller v. City of Monona

2012AP001115 CR State v. Thomas G. Felski

2012AP001133 State v. Jack E. Minniecheske

2012AP001278 Menard, Inc. v. State of Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission

2012AP001356 CR State v. Mitchell F. Graf

2012AP001392 CR State v. Michael C. O'Brien

2012AP001393 CR State v. Michael C. O'Brien

2012AP001394 CR State v. Michael C. O'Brien

2012AP001439 CR State v. Kenney Wayne Madlock

2012AP001524 State v. Mercedes S.

2012AP001605 CR State v. Tamara Jo Potter

2012AP001638 CR State v. Kevin J. O'Connor

2012AP001718 Dane County v. Steven D. Koehn

2012AP001727 CR State v. James W. Warren

2012AP001757 CR State v. William G. Bennett

2012AP001898 CR State v. James A. Krahn

2012AP001973 Eau Claire County v. Clemens F. Borntreger

2012AP001976 FT Associated Bank v. Miller Homes of Hudson, LLC

2012AP002390 Barron County Department of Health & Human Services v. Tara H.

Before Brown, Chm., Curley, Reilly, Hoover, and Kloppenburg, JJ., Publication Committee.

The court having filed its opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals and the court having concluded pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 809.23 that the opinions should not be published.

IT IS ORDERED that the opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals not be published in the official reports.


Dated: 02-26-2013

By the Court






Diane M. Fremgen

Clerk of Court of Appeals