2012 WI App 132

                                                       WISCONSIN COURT OF APPEALS


                                                    TABLE OF UNPUBLISHED OPINIONS



                                    Authored, unpublished opinions may be cited in Wisconsin courts for their persuasive value; they may not be cited as precedent or authority, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion, or law of the case.  Per curiam opinions may not be cited for any purpose, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion or law of the case.  See Wis. Stat. Rule 809.23(3) (2009-10).


  Docket No.                               Title                                                                                     Decision Date                                    Disposition


2010AP002665           Gimbel Reilly Guerin Brown v. Anne O'Connor                               10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP000581           State v. Robert J. Jacobson1                                                                10-24-2012      Affirmed

2011AP000830 CR    State v. Daniel Buchanan1                                                                  10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001217 CR    State v. Nickole Elaine Pergande1                                                      10-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001260           State v. Todd Richard London1                                                         10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001261           State v. Todd Richard London1                                                         10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001491 CR    State v. Tony D. Walker1                                                                    10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001492 CR    State v. Tony D. Walker1                                                                    10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001493 CR    State v. Tony D. Walker1                                                                    10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001514           Robert L. Kimble v. Land Concepts, Inc.                                          10-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001539 CR    State v. Robert J. Madison1                                                                10-03-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001865           IndyMac Bank, FSB v. James H. Hall                                               10-02-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001890 CR    State v. Kawanis N. Trotter1                                                               10-03-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001909           Cari Lynn Schumacker v. David Joseph Schumacker                        10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001928           State v. Andrew C. Wheaton1                                                            10-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000073 CR    State v. Andrew C. Wheaton1                                                            10-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001954           Halmarc LLC v. Ford Leasing Dev. Co.                                            10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001964           State v. Mafayette Fields1                                                                  10-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001967 CR    State v. Chris Lamar Crittendon                                                         10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001968           Vernon F. Borst v. City of New Richmond Bd. of Appeals              10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002018           OneWest Bank FSB v. Eugene Groysman                                         10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002050           State v. Mitchell A. Boose1                                                                10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002158 CR    State v. Jesus M. Morelos                                                                   10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002163           Christina Zawatzke v. Wisconsin Injured Patients & Families           10-31-2012      Affirmed

                                    Comp. Fund                                                                                                               

2011AP002234 CR    State v. Amiee L. Kizior                                                                     10-24-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002240           State v. Kevin M. Gaetz                                                                     10-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002250           State ex rel. Jimmy Baldwin v. Randall Hepp                                    10-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002297           State v. Dwight D. Campbell1                                                            10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002381 CR    State v. Andrew A. Uitz                                                                     10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002382 CR    State v. Andrew A. Uitz                                                                     10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002386           State v. Quinton Keith Washington1                                                  10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002428 CR    State v. Martell D. Rogers1                                                                 10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002432 CR    State v. Scott R. Shallcross                                                                 10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002438           Gustav Weber v. Secura Ins.                                                              10-10-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002502 CR    State v. Martonez R. Wallace1                                                            10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002526           Kurt Theis v. Stephenne Theis                                                            10-23-2012      Reversed

2011AP002547 CR    State v. Jose Diaz1                                                                              10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002556           Alan J. Delsart v. Albany Felt Co., Inc.                                             10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002674 CR    State v. Austin Richard Pederson                                                       10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002676           Warren Slocum v. Town of Star Prairie Bd. of Review                     10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002681           State v. Scott C. Dunberg                                                                   10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002698 CR    State v. Curtis L. Jackson1                                                                  10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002710 CR    State v. James R. Blume                                                                     10-31-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002716           Jody Schutte v. Russ Darrow Grp., Inc.                                             10-24-2012                                    Affirmed/reversed/remanded

2011AP002719           R & D Point Plaza v. Linda Riley                                                      10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002746           Georgia Hall v. Village of Ashwaubenon Bd. of Directors               10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002771 CR    State v. Scott S. Schmidt1                                                                  10-02-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002809           Judith M. Satorius v. Proassurance Wisconsin Ins. Co.1                    10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002817           Susan Anna Glisch v. Karl Paul Koenigs                                           10-16-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002833 CR    State v. Jacqueline R. Robinson1                                                        10-23-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002920 CR    State v. Graham L. Stowe                                                                  10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002924 CR    State v. Margaret E. Hinshaw1                                                           10-10-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002958 CR    State v. Ronald Scott Reeverts                                                           10-30-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002959           County of Marathon v. Paul R. DeBuhr                                             10-02-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000022 CR    State v. Kamel M. Khatib                                                                   10-02-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000023           Dane County v. Raphael M.1                                                              10-18-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000042 CR    State v. Ulysses A. Tallie1                                                                   10-16-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000107 CR    State v. John D. Bullock1                                                                    10-10-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000197           Veronica K. v. Michael K.1                                                                 10-10-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000201 CR    State v. Edward R. Lee1                                                                     10-16-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000266           State v. Kenneth Roberts1                                                                  10-11-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000278           Cesar Deleon v. Circuit Court for Brown County1                            10-10-2012      Modified and affirmed

2012AP000299 FT     Dean W. Tautges v. Tina M. Tautges                                                 10-30-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000346           Hallis David Mailen v. Wisconsin Educ. Approval Bd.                     10-11-2012      Reversed and remanded

2012AP000408 CR    State v. Randall Lee Sugden                                                              10-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000423 FT     Kara Jo Rudek v. Jeremie Michael Rudek                                          10-10-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000469           Brad Stubbe v. Ty Hamland                                                               10-16-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000477 FT     Bruce Michael Nelson v. Brenda Lou Nelson                                    10-30-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000516           Fond du Lac County v. Jeffrey L. Manke                                          10-17-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000571 CR    State v. Michael C. Christofferson                                                     10-30-2012      Reversed and remanded

2012AP000728 CR    State v. Samuel J. Jacobs1                                                                   10-31-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000745           State ex rel. Roger Packard v. Madison Audubon Soc’y, Inc.           10-11-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000757           Zudac Enters., Inc. v. Matthew G. Brakefield                                   10-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000780           Nicole P. v. Michael P.1                                                                      10-16-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000789           Seefeldt Constr. v. David Bowe                                                        10-03-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000810           City of Milwaukee v. Will J. Sherard1                                                10-30-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000958           Milwaukee County v. Mary F.-R.1                                                     10-02-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000966 CR    State v. Jan P. Hogan                                                                          10-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000974           City of Sheboygan v. Herbert Binkowsky                                         10-17-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001020           State v. Darold M.                                                                              10-10-2012      Modified and affirmed

2012AP001189           Winnebago County v. Anastasia G. Christenson                               10-31-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001282           State v. Raenold Quiles                                                                      10-31-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001418 CR    State v. Terry E. Nelson1                                                                    10-23-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001486           County of Fond du Lac v. Nancy C. Bush                                        10-31-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001538           State v. Amanda G.1                                                                           10-23-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001539           State v. Amanda G.1                                                                           10-23-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001540           State v. Amanda G.1                                                                           10-23-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001541           State v. Amanda G.1                                                                           10-23-2012      Affirmed