2012 WI App 118

                                                       WISCONSIN COURT OF APPEALS


                                                    TABLE OF UNPUBLISHED OPINIONS



                                    Authored, unpublished opinions may be cited in Wisconsin courts for their persuasive value; they may not be cited as precedent or authority, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion, or law of the case.  Per curiam opinions may not be cited for any purpose, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion or law of the case.  See Wis. Stat. Rule 809.23(3) (2009-10).


  Docket No.                               Title                                                                                     Decision Date                                    Disposition


2010AP001598 CR    State v. William Thomas Hudson, III1                                               09-13-2012      Affirmed

2010AP001639 CR    State v. Erick O. Magett1                                                                    09-27-2012      Affirmed

2010AP002012 CR    State v. Kenneth Pringle, Jr.1                                                              09-25-2012      Affirmed

2010AP002297           DSG Evergreen F.L.P. v. Town of Perry1                                          09-13-2012      Affirmed

2011AP000214           Pamperin Rentals II, LLC v. R.G. Hendricks & Sons Constr., Inc.  09-05-2012      Reversed

2011AP000622           State v. William R. Hartman                                                               09-20-2012      Affirmed

2011AP000698           State v. Larry C. Dupree                                                                     09-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP000880 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001640 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001641 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001642 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001643 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001644 CR    State v. Frederick L. Lucht1                                                               09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001379 CR    State v. Reginald Scott Williams4                                                       09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001386           State ex rel. Eddie Gene Evans v. David Schwarz1                           09-27-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001454           Andrew Oemig v. Town of Lowell                                                    09-20-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001701           Barbara J. Paton v. Frank W. LeFrere                                                09-12-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001759 CR    State v. Benjamin A. Silver                                                                09-19-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001772 CR    State v. Uzorma C. Ihediwa                                                               09-26-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001805           Kristin M. Karczewski v. John C. Karczewski                                   09-19-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001864           State v. Bruce Lee Cesar                                                                    09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001923           State v. Antonio T. Maddox1                                                             09-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP001956           James E. Kochanski v. Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC1                    09-18-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002063 CR    State v. Tony Charles Madison1                                                         09-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002069           State ex rel. Delond M. Blunt v. Judy P. Smith1                                09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002086           Cleveland Lee, Sr. v. Wisconsin Department of Revenue1                09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002191 CR    State v. Augustus E. Dillon1                                                               09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002211           Tammy Ernst v. Joel Narlock1                                                            09-05-2012      Affirmed and remanded

2011AP002259 CR    State v. Anthony Edward Thornton1                                                  09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002294           Community Credit Union v. AmeriTitle & Abstract, Inc.                  09-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002307 CR    State v. Lisa M. Arentz1                                                                     09-05-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000243 CR    State v. Eric R. Hendricks1                                                                 09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002325           TWP Architecture, Ltd. v. William A. Patch                                     09-26-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002335           POP Promotions, LLC v. City of Milwaukee                                    09-06-2012      Reversed

2011AP002341 CR    State v. Chong Yee Vang                                                                   09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002345 CR    State v. Frederick L. Moore                                                                09-11-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002358           Menard, Inc. v. Susan J. Keene                                                          09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002364 CR    State v. Clarence Albert Saffold1                                                       09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002416           Dunn County Human Servs. v. Eric R.1                                             09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002435 CR    State v. Richard James Steiskal1                                                         09-05-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002497 CR    State v. Dustan C. Warren1                                                                 09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002532           Mofoco Enters., Inc. v. LIRC                                                            09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002549 CR    State v. Melvin Deonte Elim1                                                             09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002587 CR    State v. Travanti D. Schmidt1                                                             09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002627 CR    State v. Luis A. Ramirez                                                                     09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002650 CR    State v. Gregory L. Johnson, Jr.                                                         09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002668 CR    State v. Thomas R. McEssey                                                              09-20-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002670           State v. Toni J. Toston                                                                        09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002673 CR    State v. Mark E. Johnson                                                                    09-25-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002857           State v. Robert Thunder1                                                                    09-25-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002890           Lila M. Bates v. Lyle Hofacker                                                          09-18-2012      Reversed and remanded

2011AP002898 CR    State v. Ronald Harris1                                                                       09-18-2012      Affirmed

2011AP002899           David A. Walter v. LIRC                                                                   09-11-2012      Reversed

2011AP002941 CR    State v. Raymond R. Vogt, Jr.                                                           09-12-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000058           Donald L. Forsythe v. Indian River Transp. Co.                                09-27-2012                                    Affirmed/reversed/remanded

2012AP000104           Dean Andersen v. State Collection Serv., Inc.1                                  09-19-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000206 CR    State v. Portia M. Meyer                                                                     09-20-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000230           Summit Credit Union v. Frederick J. Furrer                                       09-27-2012      Reversed

2012AP000304           Gurjapbir Kahlon v. Joe Sanfelippo Cabs                                           09-05-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000518 CR    State v. Alvin C. Harris4                                                                     09-12-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000533 CR    State v. Frederick J. Scott                                                                   09-11-2012      Reversed

2012AP000534 CR    State v. Richard P. Flehmer                                                                09-18-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000583 FT     Marlene A. Clark v. Rice Lake Hous. Auth., Inc.                              09-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000722           Brown County DHS v. David D.                                                       09-05-2012      Affirmed

2012AP000793 CR    State v. Timothy W. Bastian                                                               09-25-2012      Reversed and remanded

2012AP001024 FT     Village of Menomonee Falls v. Timothy E. Rotruck                          09-19-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001025           State v. Robert B. Sonnenberg                                                           09-19-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001131 CR    State v. Pamela L. Hammersley                                                          09-26-2012      Reversed and remanded

2012AP001283           State v. Tenesha T.1                                                                            09-05-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001284           State v. Tenesha T.1                                                                            09-05-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001562           Buffalo County DHHS v. Jennifer C.1                                               09-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001563           Buffalo County DHHS v. Jennifer C.1                                               09-25-2012      Affirmed

2012AP001564           Buffalo County DHHS v. Jennifer C.1                                               09-25-2012      Affirmed