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                                                       WISCONSIN COURT OF APPEALS


                                                    TABLE OF UNPUBLISHED OPINIONS



                                    Authored, unpublished opinions issued on or after July 1, 2009, may be cited in Wisconsin courts for their persuasive value; they may not be cited as precedent or authority, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion, or law of the case.  Per curiam opinions may not be cited for any purpose, except to support a claim of claim preclusion, issue preclusion or law of the case.  See Wis. Stat. Rule 809.23(3) (2011-12).


  Docket No.                               Title                                                                                     Decision Date                                    Disposition


2009AP001180           Colleen Lemberger v. Anchor Packing Co.                                        11-19-2013      Reversed and remanded

2012AP000026           Greg Griswold v. Town of Cross Plains                                             11-14-2013      Affirmed and remanded

2012AP001380           Greg Griswold v. Town of Cross Plains                                             11-14-2013      Affirmed and remanded

2012AP000432 CR    State v. Tyrone T. Robinson1                                                              11-27-2013      Affirmed

2012AP000790           Bank of America, N.A. v. Margot Ramirez                                        11-05-2013      Affirmed

2012AP000817           State v. Emmitt Wilson, Jr.1                                                                11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001042 CR    State v. Antoine B. Lee                                                                      11-05-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001719           Fond du Lac County v. Randal B. Hopper                                        11-27-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001785 CR    State v. Timothy S. Doss1                                                                   11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001828 CR    State v. Nathaniel J. Richmond, Jr.1                                                   11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001836           Bank of New York v. Diane G. Cano1                                               11-14-2013      Affirmed

2012AP001855 CR    State v. Matthew Allen Lilek                                                             11-13-2013      Reversed and remanded

2012AP002032           Commerce Bluff One Condo. Ass’n, Inc. v. Acuity and                   11-19-2013      Affirmed

                                    Cincinnati Ins. Co.                                                                                                     

2012AP002136           State v. Delond M. Blunt1                                                                  11-06-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002281 CR    State v. Jimmie Lamar Richardson, Jr.1                                              11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002307           State v. Larry Darnell Redmond1                                                       11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002328           Minerals Dev. & Supply Co., Inc. v. Superior Silica Sands1              11-07-2013      Affirmed                                                                                                                                               

2012AP002329 CR    State v. David L.1                                                                               11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002382           State v. Christopher D. Jones1                                                            11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002425 CR    State v. Robert R. Taylor                                                                    11-21-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002489           State v. Freddie Lee Soles, Jr.                                                            11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002550 CR    State v. Juanito Rivera, Jr.                                                                  11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002592 CR    State v. Cory R. Oligney1                                                                   11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002623           State v. Israel Robles-Figueroa1                                                          11-05-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002649 CR    State v. Steven V. Erato                                                                     11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002651           State v. Kenneth W. Golden1                                                             11-19-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002694           Kathryn M. Wendorf v. Joshua James Wendorf                                11-13-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002735           BJK of Manitowoc County, Inc. v. David Barkwell                         11-27-2013      Affirmed

2012AP002806 CR    State v. Christopher J. Triolo1                                                             11-19-2013      Reversed and remanded

2012AP002825           State v. Michael D. Williams                                                              11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000045           David G. Campbell v. Regency Janitorial Service, Inc.                     11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000068 CR    State v. Neil R. Klett1                                                                         11-06-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000130 CR    State v. Antonio D. Shannon1                                                            11-13-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000157 CR    State v. Randy A. Davis                                                                     11-21-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000160           Sheila A. Kwick v. Cities and Villages Mut. Ins. Co.                        11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000167 CR    State v. Donald W. Arendt1                                                               11-20-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000189           State v. Ronnel Fitzgerald                                                                  11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000268 CR    State v. Antonio Reyes-Ortiz1                                                            11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000341 CR    State v. Ericka S. Thomas1                                                                  11-13-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000349 CR    State v. Jimmy A. Baldwin1                                                               11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000401           State v. Casey T. Gogos1                                                                    11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000415 CR    State v. Christian J. Wilson                                                                 11-13-2013      Reversed and remanded

2013AP000425 CR    State v. James A. Moten                                                                     11-20-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000426           State v. Sidney L. Graham1                                                                11-20-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000450           Jacqueline Brister v. Wisconsin DCF1                                                11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000523           Park Bank v. Wentworth A. Millar, Jr.                                               11-27-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000531           Amy Joy Brown v. Scott Alan Brown                                               11-13-2013      Reversed and remanded

2013AP000536 CR    State v. Glenn M. Hills1                                                                      11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000601 CR    State v. Cory R. Oligney                                                                    11-13-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000622           Eric L. Peterson v. Kim A. Bauer                                                       11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000642 CR    State v. Malik Merchant1                                                                    11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000648 CR    State v. Maurice J. Corbine                                                                 11-05-2013                                    Affirmed/reversed/remanded

2013AP000659 CR    State v. Cindy Lou Hilsgen                                                                11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000660 CR    State v. Cindy Lou Hilsgen                                                                11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000671           St. Paul Veterinary Clinic v. LIRC                                                     11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000710           City of West Allis v. Brandon J. Michaels                                         11-13-2013      Dismissed

2013AP000714           State v. Garceia Coleman1                                                                  11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP000839           State v. Kaleb K.                                                                                11-27-2013      Affirmed in part, reversed

                                                                                                                                                                        in part

2013AP000938           A to Z Machine Co., Inc. v. Elite Tactical Advantage, Inc.               11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001206           City of Sun Prairie v. Brent D. Curry                                                 11-07-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001229 CR    State v. Evan K. Saunders                                                                  11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001244 CR    State v. Steven L. Udelhofen                                                             11-14-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001298           City of Sheboygan v. Jeffrey M. Halida                                            11-13-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001323           State v. Victoria M. Milewski                                                             11-27-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001335           State v. Sidney H. Sawicky1                                                               11-19-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001378           Wood County Human Services v. James D.                                       11-07-2013      Reversed

2013AP001393           State v. Niko C.1                                                                                 11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001403 CR    State v. Richard P. Selenske1                                                              11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001519           Winnebago County DHS v. Christina M. C.1                                     11-27-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001520           Winnebago County DHS v. Christina M. C.1                                     11-27-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001569 FT     Cindy Lou Albiniak v. North Country Closeouts                              11-05-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001588           Dodge County v. Giovanina Louise Ray                                           11-07-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001638 FT     Outagamie County v. Michael H.1                                                      11-26-2013      Affirmed

2013AP001843           Jessica G. v. Alicia L.                                                                         11-27-2013      Affirmed