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2010AP002410 2013 WI App 42 Conrad Laska v. General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

2011AP002852 CR 2013 WI App 43 State v. Willie M. McDougle

2011AP002932 2013 WI App 44 Alan Cirilli v. Country Insurance & Financial Services

2012AP000031 2013 WI App 45 Sonja Blake v. Racine County HSD

2012AP000150 CR 2013 WI App 46 State v. Jessica A. Nellessen

2012AP000286 2013 WI App 47 Dawn M. Sands v. Menard, Inc.

2012AP000597 2013 WI App 48 Scott Partenfelder v. Steve Rohde

2012AP000663 CR 2013 WI App 49 State v. Mark J. Libecki

2012AP000724 2013 WI App 50 City of South Milwaukee v. Todd J. Kester

2012AP000758 CR 2013 WI App 51 State v. John R. Edwards

2012AP001275 CR 2013 WI App 52 State v. Antoine Leshawn Douglas

2012AP001291 CR 2013 WI App 53 State v. Royce Markel Wheeler

2012AP001313 2013 WI App 54 Gene Anderson v. Duane Hebert

Before Brown, Chm., Curley, Gundrum, Hoover, and Kloppenburg, JJ., Publication Committee.

The court having filed its opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals and the court having concluded pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 809.23 that the opinions should be published,

IT IS ORDERED that the opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals be published in the official reports.

Dated: 04-24-2013

By the Court






Diane M. Fremgen

Clerk of Court of Appeals