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13-11 Pro Hac Vice Applications

In the Matter of the Petition for Amendment to Supreme Court Rule 10.03(4)(b)2 Relating to Pro Hac Vice Applications filed jointly on 07/17/13 by Rod Rogahn, Board of Administrative Oversight Chairperson and Keith Sellen, Office of Lawyer Regulation Director.

Rule petition 13-11 Adobe PDF
Supporting memo Adobe PDF
Appendix A Adobe PDF
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Court orders and communications
June 20, 2014 In the matter of the petition for amendment to Supreme Court Rule 10.03(4)(b)2 relating to pro hac vice applications. (07/01/14) Adobe PDF
Instructions on applying for admission pro hace vice and paying the fee
November 11, 2013 Interested person communication Adobe PDF
November 11, 2013 Court letter to petitioner Adobe PDF

Past hearings

Responses to petitions
April 25, 2014 Comments from Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission Adobe PDF
January 30, 2014 Comments from Board of Administrative Oversight submitted by Keith Sellen Adobe PDF
January 14, 2014 Comments from DeEtte Tomlinson, Executive Director of Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation, Inc. Adobe PDF
January 8, 2014 Comments from State Bar of Wisconsin Adobe PDF
December 6, 2013 Petitioner's response to court's letter Adobe PDF

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