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Committees and boards

Planning and Policy Advisory Committee

Planning subcommittee current membership

Members are limited to two consecutive three-year terms with an option for extension for one third term as recommended and approved by the PPAC.


Term ending date
* denotes second term
** denotes third term

Honorable Michael Rosborough (Chair)
Circuit Court Judge
Vernon County
January 2013*
Honorable Patrick Madden
Circuit Court Judge
Iron County
January 2013
Honorable Jeffrey Kremers
Circuit Court Judge
Milwaukee County
January 2013**
Honorable Kathryn Foster
Circuit Court Judge
Waukesha County
January 2013
Ms. Dolores Bomrad
Court Commissioner
January 2013
Honorable Lisa Neubauer
Court of Appeals Judge
Court of Appeals District 2
January 2013*
Ms. Sheila Reiff
Clerk of Circuit Court
Walworth County
January 2013**
Ms. Gail Richardson
District Court Administrator
Judicial Administrative District 5
January 2013**
Prof. Joe Heim January 2013

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