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Committees and boards

Board of Administrative Oversight

Appointed by the Supreme Court, this 12-person board composed of eight lawyers and four non-lawyers monitors the fairness, effectiveness and efficiency of the attorney regulation system and proposes substantive and procedural rules related to the system for the Court's consideration.

Current membership

Members are limited to two consecutive three-year terms.

Name Term ending date * denotes second term
Attorney Barrett J. Corneille
Corneille Law Group, LLC
September 2014*
Attorney Margardette M. Demet
Demet & Demet, SC
September 2015
Judge Charles P. Dykman
September 2015

Mr. Claude Gilmore

September 2013*

Ms. Deanna M. Hosin
Pleasant Prairie

September 2013*
Attorney John P. McNamara
McNamara, Reinicke & Vogelsberg, LLP
September 2013
Attorney Mark A. Peterson
McNally, Maloney & Peterson, SC
September 2013*
Attorney Joseph E. Redding
Glojek Limited
West Allis
September 2013

Attorney Rod W. Rogahn
Generac Power Systems Inc

Chair, September 2015*

Attorney Harvey L. Wendel
Murphy & Desmond, SC

September 2013*
Vacant - two public  

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